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We conduct research and education on housing issues, and advocate to government to make the housing system work better for those on low incomes.

We are a not-for-profit, non-government organisation and are not aligned to any political party or commercial organisation.

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Housing wellbeing & the city conference - earlybird about to close!

 Early bird registrations ends in one week - on 2nd April. So now's the IMG 6610time to register for the the 2015 Shelter conference, Housing wellbeing and the city. The conference is on Thursday 23 April at the NSW Teachers Federation.

The pressures of urban development are affecting well-being and housing in cities across NSW.  This conference explores what is happening and what can be done.

For information on speakers, cost and registration go to the conference flyer here.

The latest program is also now available. Download it here.   You can also register on-line.

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National housing peaks & ACOSS release plan to address affordability crisis

 On 24 March, national housing peaks and ACOSS released a comprehensive plan to tackle our housing & homelessness crisis.  An affordable housing reform agenda - goal & recommendations for reform provides a blueprint for the sort of government action we urgently need. The full document and a summary can each be downloaded.

100th edition of Around the House just out

The latest edition of our journal, Around the House, the 100th edition, is now available on the web-site.

There is also  an Election Supplement - please make sure you look at that first.  Most of the edition is devoted to articles the tease out the policy issues in our  10 Key Issues for the election.  However, campaigns move fast and new major housing announcements have been made after the journal went to press, so the supplement updates our article on the parties' platforms.

The issue also looks at the Social Housing consultations and submission, and at the Federalism discussion paper.

Shelter releases it's 10 key issues for NSW elections 2015

Shelter has released its summary of the 10 key housing issues for the election.  This election is time for the parties to genuinely face the problem of unaffordable housing - particularly rental housing - and the deepening inequality and hardship this is causing.

Chance for the new government to make a real difference on housing affordability

Shelter has congratulated the Coalition on its re-election; and called on it to ensure that its election committment to establish a fund of up to $1 billion to help finance social and affordable housing makes significant inroads into the shortage of affordable rental housing for low income households.  See our media release.

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