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We conduct research and education on housing issues, and advocate to government to make the housing system work better for those on low incomes.

We are a not-for-profit, non-government organisation and are not aligned to any political party or commercial organisation.

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Register for our federal election forum


This full day workshop will outline the housing context for the election, present National Shelter's policy asks for the parties, hear from representatives of the parties, followed by workshops on how we can advocate during the election campaign and how we can keep the pressure up after.

For more information and links to registration, go to our events page.

Anglicare's annual Renatal Snapshot show worsening problem

Anglicare's annual Renatal Snapshot show no improvement in Sydney and a worsening problem outside the metro area. Anglicare reports: "Over the first weekend in April, the Anglicare member network surveyed 75,410 rental properties across Australia and found just 21 properties were affordable for single adults living on Newstart, and only one was suitable for young people living on Youth Allowance."

Anglicare has called for housing affordability to be "front and centre of the upcoming election debate."  You can read the report here; and see the interactive maps and charts in this story.

Shelter's 'regional housing perspectives' consultations underway

Shelter has begun holding a series of consultation workshops over the rest of this year looking at the housing issues (for all tenure types) in each of the NSW Family & Community Services (FACS) regions to identify

  • the key housing issues faced in each region
  • what successful or promising solutions to these issues are present in the region?

The workshops help us understand what issues are common across different communities and where some issues are experienced differently. Importantly, the workshops help us understand what ideas people have or what they are doing to address these issues.

We would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in attending these workshops . More information  is available here or contact Alison Peters at Shelter by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile 0425 231 814.

Presentations and readings from the recent 'Housing economics for non-economists' lecture series now available

The 2016 Housing Economics for Non-economists lecture series has just finished. While it is targeted to non-ecomomists, the four lectures are delivered by leading academics in their fields:

  • Dr Ben Spies-Butcher on the political economy of housing,
  • Hon Assoc Prof Judy Yates on housing affordability & supply,
  • Prof Peter Phibbs on property economic s & planning, and
  • Prof Rick Krever on tax law & policy

The presentations and all the background readings are now available to be downloaded.

St V de P's new plan to address homelessness and housing affordability

The National Social Justice Commitee of the St Vincent de Paul Society, Australia, has released, The ache for Home, a plan to address chronic homelessness and housing affordability in Australia.  The paper was produced with the assistance of the National Council research officers.  it urges bipartisan support for a national plan that would put in place a $10 billion social and affordable housing fund to address the chronic housing and homelessness issues that Australia continues to face

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